Our Fireplaces

There are several options for fireplaces, and we have them all! When you choose to have a fireplace installed in your home, we will provide a free home estimate to determine location of fireplaces, venting & Btu’s needed for your individual space. Some people install gas, wood or electric in effort to save money on heating. If you have any questions about our gas or wood fireplaces, or other products contact us today!

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Wood Fireplaces

There’s nothing like the smell and crackling sound of a wood-burning fireplace. If you want to keep things rustic in your home, choose this traditional technology! Our staff will be able to guide you to the safest, most efficient wood-burning fireplaces we have. You can also choose gas logs instead of wood logs for a similar look and feel.


Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces burn realistically while adding style to your home. We offer everything from traditional to contemporary-styled gas fireplaces to choose from. The benefits of a gas fireplace are countless, but mainly include energy savings and a wider range of heat distribution. 


Electric Fireplaces

Installs almost anywhere with compact dimensions; offers soothing, realistic images of a vibrant fire with instant activation and adjustable flame height and ember intensity. Electric fireplaces are low maintenance, reduce your energy costs, and don’t involve any fumes.