Our History

CR Gas Logs & Fireplaces Inc. is an industry leader in the home improvement business, dedicated to providing outstanding workmanship, high-quality service, and competitive prices. Our long-term success is the result of a sustained effort to:
Build strong relationships with our community through service
Present comprehensive product information to our customers
Offer quality products at fair prices
Provide excellent customer service
Give generously to those upon which our success is founded—our community


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Our History

CR Gas Logs & Fireplaces, Inc. has grown steadily over the past 35 years on the equation of “cutting-edge product diversification, dependable service, and low overhead equals low prices.” We don’t jump on the latest fad on the market. Rather, we wait until a product is proven for about a year. It is better to let the manufacturer work their bugs out in a lab rather than in our customer’s home.

CR Gas Logs & Fireplaces, Inc. knows it must “be in shape” to compete. We can never take for granted that we have arrived. Over the years, CR has grown in both strong and weak economies. We regularly look ask ourselves, “How can we improve our performance to meet the changes ahead? How can we better serve the public’s needs?”

Increasing our customer base is part of the CR game plan. Reaching new customers & retaining our current customers  has always a part of that plan. To achieve this requires diligence, desire and dedication. Exposure for the CR name has been made easier through the great many referrals we receive from previously satisfied customers. Advertising is ultimately only as good as one’s performance to back it up. You will hear the phrase “Deeds, not words” used commonly at CR.

CR Gas Logs & Fireplaces, Inc. knows that the key to satisfying people in the marketplace is to find out what they want and to give it to them. Trying to oversell or hard-close is a mistake as far as we are concerned. We actually recommend that customers shop the other area vendors so they find what they want. If they do not return (although most do), then we feel we have provided a good turn.